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Reclaim your power. Recapture your health. Revitalize your life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to liberate your Soul from perceived limitations, needless suffering and energetic blocks that hold you back from being in your majestic radiance of consciousness. — We will guide you on a journey to wholeness and teach you to live courageously in your highest vibration of faith over fear, health over dis-ease and passion over mediocrity.

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About Nancy

Nancy Penttila is a world-renowned holistic healer, ascension coach & wellness expert. She's the founder and CEO of Inner Miracles as well as the co-founder and CEO of the Whole Body Wellness Centre. Over the past 20+ years of her career, she's developed some of the most comprehensive healing protocols, life changing retreats and transformational coaching and membership programs ever created, alongside her very well known hypnosis audio programs.

Her work has been used throughout the world and has appeared in such print, radio and television media outlets as: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Hay House Radio and more.

She has trained and worked with world renowned doctors, healers & meditation masters that have credited her as being ‘revolutionary’ and ‘ranking amongst the best healers in the world’ and ‘having the potential to make an eternal imprint on humanity’ with her powerful intuition, pure energy, gifted hands and her love for the human spirit.

Many have even called her one of the most sought-after healers of our time, and because of the outstanding results she achieves, she is becoming recognized as a leading authority in the field of psycho-neuro physiology.

Her driving force is the vision she holds of eliminating needless suffering and creating a healthy and peaceful world. One in which she is playing a vital role in helping you to Reclaim Your Power, Recapture Your Health and Revitalize Your Life!

Nancy is committed to educating the world about the benefits of superior health, and how to achieve this through the various healing modalities and teachings that she offers which include balancing your bio rhythms and energy field, recalibrating your subconscious mind, and wellness coaching strategies that will allow you to craft a world-class life!

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